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Dr. Süleyman Eserdag

Cosmetic gynecology is a new, but quite fast developing field in medicine. According to the European and American statistical inputs it’s the most evolving area between all of the aesthetic surgeries. Parallel to the incredible developments in the internet technology, digital and social media and also by lifestyle changes and expectations, many people tend to demand these kind of operations.

Dr. Eserdag

These operations have been done not only for aesthetic purposes as genital beautification, but also have sexual, hygienic, psychologic, social medical advantages. So the operations aim to restore, revive and reconstruct entire external genitalia as well as vaginal canal.

They can be divided as non-invasive (non- surgical) and invasive (surgical) operations. Updated non-invasive operations deliver many advantages to the patients without any important complication risks.

In my 20 years of journey as being a gynecologist which encompasses more than 15 years as a cosmetic gynecologist and sexual therapist fellow, I’ve become witness many times on positive outcomes of genital operations in terms of women’s psychology.

So many times I’ve thought in my mind that they should not be limited only by the terms of ‘Cosmetic’ or ‘Aesthetic’.  Since by the trained surgical hands and using appropriate techniques which meet the patient expectancy well, we have fantastic results in appearance and function both!

Being women’s health care provider we should respect women’s different needs where emotional, social, mental, psychological and sexual problems are addressed.  Self-esteem of women has to be prioritized.

This international society is aimed to give some private courses for the doctors who are interested in cosmetic gynecology, introducing new relevant technologies to them, having collaborations with different national and international groups, and being active in this unique area to acquiremore developments. I suggest ISAGSS will also generate public awareness of genital aesthetic operations.

Hope to meet you in our courses and meetings!

Dr. Süleyman Eserdag
MD, Gynecologist, Sexologist Fellow by EFS

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ISAGSS focuses not only on aesthetic procedures, operations and treatments in genital area but also on reconstructive and regenerative health issues, new developments and new technologies focused upon sexual social and psychological wellbeing of the patients.

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