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Those who have genital plastic surgery and labiaplasty apply to hospitals or private clinics with complaints related to medical, hygienic, psychological, and sexual problems. Especially in recent years, genital aesthetic operations, which are very common recent years, provide many benefits to patients both aesthetically and functionally when performed with the proper technique. It’s quite important for the surgeon to be talented and skilled in labiaplasty operations. Thus, labiaplasty courses for doctors are very important.

Indications of labiaplasty for labia minora

Labiaplasty is mostly performed for congenital, structural, and hormonal reasons. These problems are:

  • Hypertrophy
  • Asymmetry

Deformities in labia majora can also occur over time. These acquired problems are:

  • Hyperpigmentation,
  • Episiotomy scars,
  • Scars due to Bartholin’s gland extirpation,
  • Deformations that occur after trauma, such as traffic accidents, bicycle traumas, and other mechanical blows,
  • Cysts, tumors, and varicose veins (rarely).

Classification of labia minora hypertrophy

Several classification systems have been proposed for the size of the inner labia. In the classification proposed by Franco and Franco in 1993, the length from the base of the inner lip to the tip according to the width of the inner lips was accepted as;

  • Under 2 cm (Type 1),
  • Between 2-4 cm (Type 2),
  • Between 4-6 cm (Type 3),
  • Over 6 cm (Type 4).

Some consider 3 cm, 4 cm, or 5 cm and above to be larger than normal. Physical complaints and emotional state are considered in the foreground rather than these metric measurements in performing labiaplasty surgery.

Why are labiaplasty courses important?

There are different varieties of external genital area in women. So, many techniques have been definied by different mentors. The technique should be taylored in accordance with the patient’s desire and vulvar anatomy. So, labiaplasty courses provides the doctors best ingisht from the patient selection towards designing the operation and postoperative management.

Labiaplasty courses Turkey

Labiaplasty training courses have so much importance for cosmetic gynecologists and plastic surgeons. Most of the doctors who are interested in cosmetic gynecology tend to have labiaplasty courses in Turkey. In ISAGSS aesthetic genital surgery courses in Istanbul (Turkey),the doctors have the opportunity to observe and actively attend (scrub) the operations.

Different techniques of labiaplasty for labia minora and labia majora are shown in our courses. Since “one size doesn’t fit all”, the technique should be individualized according to patients’ demands and anatomic conditions.

How can I register?

There are different options to register for our labiaplasty courses:

  • Fill out the application form on our website (
  • E-mail to
  • Send us a WhatsApp text: +(90) 530 763 34 00  

What is the labiaplasty training fee?

Labiaplasty training is not open alone, but is included in our hands-on aesthetic genital surgery courses. You can contact us about the aesthetic genital surgery course registration fees and conditions.

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