Non-Surgical Genital Aesthetic Operations

Female non-surgical operations related to genital aesthetics include non-surgical treatments that do not require anesthesia and functional, cosmetic, regenerative, and anti-aging medical applications.

Genital Laser Treatments

These are energy-based, non-surgical methods applied to the external genitalia (vulva) and vagina. The most common indications of genital laser treatments are:

  • Non-surgical vaginal tightening with laser, known as “laser vaginal rejuvenation”
  • Urinary incontinence treatments
  • External genital area and perianal lightening
  • External genitalia tightening

Genital Radiofrequency (RF) Treatments

Indications are very close to the laser. The most common indications of genital radiofrequency treatments are:

  • Vaginal rejuvenation and tightening
  • Urinary incontinence treatments
  • External genital area tightening and resurfacing
  • Sexual pleasure treatments

G Shot ©

It is a hyaluronic acid filler injection process applied to the anterior wall of the vagina to increase sexual pleasure.

The G Shot © procedure is also known as “G-spotplasty” or “G Spot Augmentation”.

O Shot ©

O Shot (or ‘orgasm shot’) is a PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injection applied to the anterior vaginal wall, vestibulum, and periclitoral areas to increase sexual pleasure and orgasm.

The O Shot © procedure is also known as "O spotplasty" or "O Spot Augmentation".

Hyaluronic Acid Filler Injections into the Genital Area

It is the procedure of applying hyaluronic acid fillers to the large lips, perineum, entrance area of ​​the vagina, and into the vagina. It is applied for cosmetic and functional gains. Some of the hyaluronic acids have volume effect, and some of them have regenerative effect by increasing collagen production.

Regenerative Genital Treatments

Regenerative processes include injections of stem cells, SVF (Stromal Vascular Fraction),and PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) that rejuvenate and regenerate the genital area. It can be applied to all internal and external genital areas. It can be preferred for functional and anti-aging (cosmetic) purposes.

Different Methods in Female Genital Aesthetic Operations

There are also different methods accepted among genital aesthetic operations in women. These include the applications such as:

  • Carboxytherapy (Carbon dioxide gas insufflations),
  • Vaginal HIFU (Focused ultrasound),
  • Genital mesotherapy,
  • Thread applications for vagina and external genitalia,
  • Magnetic chair.

Aesthetic genital trainings are essential

The variety of female genital aesthetic operations is increasing day by day with different technologies. The doctors who intend to do these procedures, should take training before performing.

Are genital plastic surgeries also performed for treatments of diseases?

Yes. Genital aesthetic functional applications include elimination of menopausal complaints, treatment of varicose veins in the genital area (vulvar),treatments of genital warts, removal of benign tumors, pain in sexual intercourse, vulvar vestibulitis, vaginal dryness, and treatments of diseases such as lichen sclerosus.

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