Hands on courses in Manila/Philippines

I’m so happy and quite pleased to take part in the first aesthetic genital hands on courses in the Philippines/Manila organized by AGSPI (Aesthetic Genital Society of the Philippines) on behalf of my society ISAGSS (International Society of Aesthetic Genital Surgery and Sexology). It as so amazing. After the courses, we had very nice feed backs from all over the world. I think it’s very […]

RAGSS Congress Invitation

Distinguished Colleagues, We will have the 1st International Congress of Reconstructive – Aesthetic Genital Surgery & Sexology (RAGSS) between the dates 28-30 th September 2018 led by our Society, ISAGSS (International Society of Aesthetic Genital Surgery and Sexology). We will host numerous national and international specialists in Istanbul who work in sexology and reconstructive – aesthetic genital surgery fields and contributing medical, psychological, sexual and […]

After the RAGSS Congress

Dear friends and colleagues, sorry to take your time as my article is a bit long. We had our first international congress RAGSS (International Congress of Reconstructive and Aesthetic Genital Surgery and Sexology), organized by our ISAGSS Institution. This congress is recorded as first in history genital aesthetics surgery and sexology held in together. The first day included 2 different courses, and the following day […]

Dr. Süleyman Eserdag in journal of Cosmopolitan

My article on aesthetic genital surgeries, barbie vagina, labiaplasty, surgical vaginal tightening, perineoplasty, genital prp, genital RF, and laser treatments in Cosmopolitan.

Dr. Süleyman Eserdag in TV8 channel

Dr. Süleyman Eserdag elaborated functional and aesthetic genital operations in TV8 channel. Please click for watch the video.

A Review on FDA and Vaginal Rejuvenation

FDA (American Food and Drug Administration) published a warning on lasers and other energy based systems on 30th of July. Some of our colleagues spoke about their concerns on the topic in some doctor groups. I would like to share my opinion on the topic with you. My words are a little long, so excuse me in advance. In comments section of this topic, fellow […]

About Us

Welcome to the International Society of Aesthetic Genital Surgery and Sexology. Being established in 2017 by Dr.Süleyman Eserdağ in Turkey, ISAGSS aimed to sharing knowledge, new ideas and organize aesthetic genital courses, meetings and scientific activities in all over the world.


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