After the RAGSS Congress

After the RAGSS Congress

Dear friends and colleagues, sorry to take your time as my article is a bit long.

We had our first international congress RAGSS (International Congress of Reconstructive and Aesthetic Genital Surgery and Sexology), organized by our ISAGSS Institution. This congress is recorded as first in history genital aesthetics surgery and sexology held in together. The first day included 2 different courses, and the following day by late hour meetings that nobody want to leave. Although we had economic difficulties, more than 200 participants were present. We supported 20 fellow assistants free of charge congress support.

Gynecologists, urologists, plastic surgeons, dermatologists, psychiatrists and medical aesthetic specialist in total 43 speakers contributed to the congress. In addition, physiotherapists, psychologists, and dietitians added a great value by their speeches.

In the sessions genital aesthetics sessions such as; surgeries of labia minora / majora, vaginal tightening, perineoplasty, revision surgery, hoodoplasty, different techniques of genital laser, monopolar-bipolar-multipolar RF, genital PRP, high technology regenerative stem cell cures were discussed.

In the light of ACOG and FDA warnings we discussed do’s and don’ts, ethical and deontological aspects. We were very sad to hear from female circumcision lectures. Another sad event was my dear friend and doyen of genital aesthetics surgeries Dr. Jack Pardo’s father health problems (and unfortunately he lost his father on the first day of meeting.)

Another important part of the congress and pre-congress course was sexology which discussed vaginismus, dyspareunia, sexual reluctance, anorgasmia, body perception-sex, and in the sessions of urologist colleagues, male genital aesthetics, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation was quite interesting.

Noted as an indicator of the increasing global number of patient demands on cosmetic gyn was having 17 participants from Iran.

This congress was a reputation for our country. We received very positive responses from World Wide. As ISAGSS we are invited to many organizations from different locations in the World. Nevertheless, there will be always criticism that we see them as opportunities to think.

It is not hard to foresee that these kinds of organizations will held and grow in following years. The main goal is, rather than questioning the doability of these sorts of operations, choosing the right patient based on ethical and deontological aspects by most suitable technics. We need firstly to learn ‘do no harm’.

I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart, all the friends and respectable speakers for their valuable contributions. Please excuse us if we had any mistakes.

With warmest regards.

Dr. Süleyman Eserdağ

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